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Non destructive testing - services

Non destructive testing - services

ZBM ULTRA offers services in domain of Non Destructive Testing

Each subject is led by personnel having level 2 and/or 3 certificates according to PN-EN 473 standard

  1. Ultrasonic testing (UT)

    • Standard examinations of weld joints
      ZBM ULTRA performs all kinds of weld testing according to standards and procedures. ULTRA disposes very wide range of complete equipment designed for ultrasonic testing.

    • Non-standard examinations of weld joints:
      From whole set of welds (meaning their shapes, sizes, types of joined materials), only a part (typical welds) are examined according to standards and eventually special procedures (ex. PN-EN1712, procedure MME Group Nr 41100E, etc.). There are many cases of non typical welds that are beyond known possibilities of examinations. These cases are very often valuate as impossible to test (ex. T-joints without full fusion).
      ZBM ULTRA disposes wide range of equipment and original methods that allows performing realible examination even in cases mentioned above. These examinations have validation according to PN-EN 17025 standard.

    • Ultrasonic thickness measurements
      Simple typical measurements according to chosen net of points location with simple description and possibility of different variants:

      • With A - indicator without necessary of paint removing.
      • With usage of scanner - corrosion map.

    • Elaborating of methods - procedures along with eventually delivering complete examination equipment

    • Full service of equipment made by ZBM ULTRA

    • Periodic tests of UT equipment

  2. Magnetic particle testing (MT) and penetrant testing (PT)

  3. Expertises in domain of NDT

  4. Elaborating complete technical documentation and calculations of devices under supervision of UDT (tanks)