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Questions and answers

Questions and answers

This section contains frequent asked questions and answers to that questions. Solutions to technical problems can be found here. Informations about equipment, application possibilities and need for ultrasonic testings are presented. We are explaining doubts about CUD flaw detector and its components like: scanner or procedures.
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Is it possible to test welds thinner than 8 mm?

Yes, it is. ULTRA Institute is successfully performing thin welds testing for many years. IBUS-TD method along with proper equipment allows welds testing with thickness 2-8 mm. More informations about thin welds testings can be found here: Thin welds testing 2-8 mm oraz Testing thin welds made of austenitic steel.
Instructions for ultrasonic testing T-joints 2-8 mm can be downloaded HERE.
The film presents the test by IBUS-TD can be viewed HERE.

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