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Multichannel ultrasonic flaw detector MultiCUD

Multichannel ultrasonic flaw detector MultiCUD

Wielokanałowy Defektoskop ultradźwiękowy MultiCUD

MultiCUD is a multichannel ultrasonic flaw detector designed and manufactured by ULTRA company. This device base on the newest electronic components. Basic version of MultiCUD has four channels. Increasing channels number is easy and bases on adding another module with four channels. All channels can work parallel or sequential. Parallel work of channels provides new application possibilities of ultrasonic testing. MultiCUD can be easily used as a part of industrial automation. Flaw detector can work with computers through USB port or Ethernet.

Schemat wielokanałowego defektoskopu MultiCUD

Module structure od ultrasonic flaw detector MultiCUD provides easy increasing number of channels. Each channel module has four channels. Data from channels goes through communication bus to mainboard. Device work is controlled by hi-tech computer on module and FPGA blocks. The newest electronic components and base software provides device work with: repetition frequency up to 100 kHz and sampling frequency 100 MHz. User software is created individually for predicted applications and clients requirements.

MultiCUD has all features of classic ultrasonic flaw detector. What seperates MultiCUD from other flaw detectors is its unique structure and module construction. Thanks to multichannel and possibility of parallel channels work, MultiCUD has much bigger application possibilities than classic flaw detectors. MultiCUD is predicted for specialized applications. Device can be easily adapted to industrial automations. One of device applications is automated fuel tank tightness testing at production level.