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Badanie spoin zbiorników wykonanych ze stali austenitycznej

Tests of tank welds made of austenitic steel

We have developed a procedure for the examination of welds tanks made of austenitic steel with a thickness 5 mm. The processing of the steel and the difficulties involved are described, here. The method is validated in accordance with PN-EN ISO / IEC 17025, using the pattern of identical material and having a weld made in the same way as the test tanks. The image below shows this kind of pattern.
Process of the validation:

  • With the help of hole model 1, curve DAC was drown.
  • With the help of hole model 2 situated in the center of the weld on the ground section the impact of structural damping and noise generated during welding were examined.
  • On the section of the weld with no cam-relieved face and not sanded ridge investigated the effect of noise caused by geometry.
  • Echo obtained from the edge gives the scope for interpretation in dB corresponding to the discontinuity of the scope of the model hole with a diameter of 1.5 mm for the conventional type of defect "infinity".